L i n u x

I have been a linux user since the mid-nineties, starting with Red Hat (I still want to own a Red Fedora), then moving to Ubuntu, sadly I think my days with Ubuntu will be left behind, not because of Unity, but because of the encroachment of advertising. Yes, I am more than caperable of removing it, but my attitude towards computers at home is that I want them to just work. I do not seem to be bothered with tinkering with such things at home anymore.

Currently I am playing around with PHP/MySQL/Webpages again, I have an extensive library of photogrpahs and I have yet to find a tool that satisfies my needs to organise them, so I am working on my own software to use on my local network to manage them.


MUSH is seemingly something that is slipping into the history of the Internet. Most people these days have never heard of MUDs, let alone their more socially oriented offspring.

I have spent many hours hacking away at code on MUSHes over the years, mostly as a Softcode Wizard. I hold a few bits here and there and also run my own MUSH, Legacy, which is currently offline whilst I think about why I bother maintaining it.

Amoungst the thousands of lines of code I have probably written in the strange "Softcode" language of MUSHes, I have selected a few choice morsles for your enjoyment:


A little while back, my MUSH went through a slight change from running under TinyMUSH, to running the far superior RhostMUSH codebase. To facilitate this change I had to write a small bit of C to convert the format of the database. Addflag is a quick and messy hack, but it worked for the most part.

R I S C  O S

In the past, for years, all my hacking at home was done my Acorn hardware. more recently I use Linux for pretty much all my day-to-day comuting needs, but often, there is still no replacement for good old, RISC OS. I have collected here a few programs that I use with my RISC OS system, which if you have RISC OS you may find useful.

  Random Signature Selector
  Timed News/Email Fetches and Deliveries
  Compact Iconbar CD player

J a v a s c r i p t

I would not ever make the claim that I am an expert in Javascript, in fact my sole efforts in that direction are what is used on these webpages. If you are interested, feel free to re-use the code in any which way you please.

  Photo Album

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