Emma and Eldon set up the tableLinda OkumLES.., Susan and Ceri
Dom and his mumLinda Haniuk
Our guests start to arrive as things are prepared and the first gentle patters of rain start to fall.
The Paperwork
Dom's mum pins on his button hole. Eldon and Rev. Honsberger get the paperwork ready.

Dom's Dad, Dom, Dan and Eldon
The Boys all line up for a picture...   Dom's Dad, Dom, Dan and Eldon
Dan (Dom's Brother)The Tadhenge deligation
Dom (the Groom)
Dom starts to look anxious...
Dom (the Groom)
Tad-ternational gets underway with LES.. Susan, Ceri, Carole and Bill.
Hey, er, Eldon, just where did you put that Wedding ring?
Obligatory Freeman Foreman's Catalogue shot
Reverand David Honsberger and DomTodd and GillIt's around here somewhere...
Ceri, LES.., Susan, Cam, Dan and Neal