Research Thesis

Research Thesis

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Design Thesis
Shatter your notions, your ideals, and your definitions. Let us redefine our futures and our histories through the notion of the house.

Designing the house, community, city, is a complex game, not only in the physical but also in the mind. No longer is it the client versus professional, or even professional alone inflicting himself or herself onto, into and amongst society. Urbanization, town planning, mass housing is much deeper than a client/professional relationship. It is about the juxtaposition between how you interpret the life of society and how they actually choose to live and perceive it. And as such, we are at their mercy.

Architecture must now have the ability to reflect personality while still encompassing the values, morals and needs of society on the whole.

The object of this design thesis is to explore a method of mass housing which can incorporate the issues dealt with in the preceding thesis, primarily home, work and global communications. Sub issues which were discussed and in some instances have relevance, include circulation, public versus private and adaptability, now as well as through time. The focus, as a result of the issues spoken of above, and the particular narrative of mass housing for contemporary society primarily dealt with public/private, the appropriation of space for residents of the units, the units as community, the site as a community within the greater community of city and the potentials for expansion, adaptability and change, be it work, family or technology.

The purpose of these design proposals is to not only explore the notion of the house for contemporary society but also how it would fit and adapt to its surroundings, be it physical, emotional or psychological. Many of the issues that have led to these schemes involved technology, the Internet, in essence a new form of communication with a world which seems to be becoming increasingly smaller.

In order to house our futures we must look at our pasts and that which we need to leave behind. What is important, what is needed and what can be discarded. That the Internet was/is developed chaos makes the Internet a great parallel not only to the thought process behind this thesis but also as a reflection of the communal societal thought process: Chaos. Chaos cannot be controlled, but perhaps we can harness its energy and get it working for us rather then be moved by it.

Each direction looked at although distinct, crosses one another, attempting to map out a new direction, be it forcing a new method upon the occupier of the dwelling, or leaving it to be unfolded and mapped by that occupier.